XYLON is a member of the PLENA group, a multinational investment group with interests across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. PLENA group is a diverse organization with an eye on enterprise.

XYLON has operational facilities located in South Eastern Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina. XYLON has taken the initiative to invest in the latest technology in wood processing and planning to assure our clients of not only our reliability to procure wood products above and beyond Western European standards but to do it on a consistent basis.

Our employees have a long and noteworthy tradition in wood working craftsmanship, especially in wood flooring production. This background enables XYLON to fully realize our customerís requirements and queries and in turn provide the best service possible.

XYLON is a vigilant organization that is continuously on the lookout for new business opportunities that can help us grow and prosper. We are currently analyzing the feasibility of introducing a new product mix so that we can utilize our advantages in human capital and wood resource quality. We want to create quality products in every aspect of the wood industry and thus provide our current and future clients with a more resounding appeal to use XYLON for their solid wood product needs. We are each day expanding our distribution and client network and this in turn will result in better service for all of our customers.

We are excited not just about our present successes but we are very excited about the future, for we see in the future a real prospect for even greater success and prosperity for XYLON and doubly so for our clientele.




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