Plena Group, an illustrious global network of prosperous companies of which XYLON belongs too has been involved in the wood industry since the 1970s, with operation and investment interests across the whole of continental Europe.

Having this background and following the wood processing and forestry industry in Eastern Europe for 15 years, Plena organized a venture into this region, thus creating XYLON.

XYLON was formed through this venture and since its inception has quickly become one of the regions leading solid wood flooring producers. They achieved this through our knowledgeable craftsmen operating the production process and highly qualified and experienced managers.

In 1999 the company initiated the first of several major investments organized to expand its production capacity and base. Also in 2006 management took great strides in improving control systems and technology. In its second phase of investment XYLON encapsulated the latest solid wood flooring technology. XYLON also now operates under a semi-ERP system with total hourly production control of volume, quality, and inventory.





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