Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility
XYLON is proud to be able to quantify and consider social and environmental issues in our management policy and strategy for business planning and operation.

XYLON is committed to ensure that where we operate we do so in an ecologically friendly manor. People and the regional areas should benefit from our presence in terms of good ecological environment to the extend we have an impact.

XYLON is currently in the process of establishing foundations, see below.

Social Responsibility
XYLON Corporation is a community company. We want to look after our staff and local community that serve our customers and us. We think we do this best by providing our staff and local community with a business thatís brings prosperity and opportunity to the area. However, we realize that there is a life outside the company, which also needs to prosper in order for the community to develop.

XYLON is therefore proud of the development of our LOCAL COMMUNITY PROGRAM aimed at enhancing the life and education in the community we operate and assist in developing proper forestry management to protect and develop the natural resources and urge and educate others in the need for such an initiative.










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