Great love of wood combined with precision-guided production allows Xylon to focus on the best possible dimensional accuracy and exact fit for our flooring components.

The tongue and groove joint is fitted on all four sides using state of the art precision technology. The extraordinary superiority of our solid wood flooring is ensured by years of processing experience and the latest technological enhancements in the solid wood processing industry.

The extra wide plank width of Xylon wood segments of up to 180mm lends the floor to an expressive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The longitudinal bow and the slightly beveled short end further accentuate each piece.

The different lengths of the planks combine to produce a remarkably harmonious surface effect. Qualities typical of the type of wood such as the play of colors, grain and knot content, underscore the appeal of this naturally beautiful floo.

Solid flooring comes in either unfinished or finished models.

Unfinished floors are stained and varnished after installation.

Finished floors are already finished in the production facility under controlled conditions and ready to be enjoyed immediately after installation.

Strengths and Long Term Durability:

Some of the key characteristics of Xylon solid hardwood wide boards are its strength and durability.

Xylon wide boards are also able to match a variety of designs thanks to the technological advancements in the production facility.

The wide board is made as a single width board and provided with a 1mm beveled edge.

Each board is ton-glued and grooved on all four sides. This gives the installed floor a more opulent and unique appearance of a true wide board floor. The products can also be beveled edges from longer sides.

Xylon floor is created to take the wear and tear of busy household or high traffic commercial areas.











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