Technical information

Solid wood flooring is produced in compliance with EN 13226:2002 – Wood flooring – Solid parquet elements with grooves and/or tongues and EN 14342:2005+A1:2008 – Wood flooring – Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking standards.

Wide Boards
The Wide Board is made as one board and provided with a 1,4 mm (square) beveled edge. Each board is tongued and grooved on all four sides

Nominal Board Dimensions
20.4 mm (±0.2 mm)
15.0 mm (±0.2 mm)
10.0mm (±0.2 mm)

90/100.0 mm / 120.00mm / 140.00 mm / 160.00 mm / 180.00 mm / 200.00 (±0.3 mm)
90.00 mm / 110.00 mm / 130.00 mm (±0.3 mm)
100.00mm/120.00mm (±0.3 mm)

600.00 mm - 2200.00mm (±0.3 mm)
500.00 mm – 1,800.00 mm (±0.3 mm)
400.00mm-1,200.00mm (±0.3 mm)

Moisture Content (humidity)
Boards are supplied with an average moisture content of: Oak: 9% (±2%).

Drying Method
Boards are kiln dried according to the German DIN-NORM 280/2.

Landing Deviation
0.2 mm (0.3 mm in localised areas). Board ends are right angled at ±0.3 mm.

Profile Options
GO0 – all bevels sharp,
GO2 – bevelled edge longwise (1mm)
GO4 – 4 sides are with bevelled edge (1mm)

Sanding / Grinding is to be done on unfinished product. First grinding is to open pores, after the phase  up grinding  has to be prformed again in oreder to get the smooth surface. First Granulation 80, to go deep into pores, later granulation 120-150, to get the smooth surface.

Clear and smooth, no chipped, no top rupture, no snaking, no knive-machine marks. The best side as surface visible.

Is to be done on finished product to get deep opened pores. We use steel brushes.

We use Woca Oils, Bona Oils and Shuma Oils for maching oiling. We have a variety of different colours including:
Natural, White, Red, Wenge, Autmn brown and Walnut.

We provide 2 way of packaging:

Random lengths (5 pieces in one length): 20% of long boards (1800-2200 mm), 50% middle length (1000-1700 mm), 30% of short length (600-900 mm). 

Half system packaging: 5 rows of boards. 1 row contains long boards (1800-2200 mm) and other 4 rows contain short and middle lengths. Oiled boards are packed in 4 rows to protect surface.

We use  Euro-pallets (75-90 m2 on one pallet, it depends on width of goods).On each Euro-pallet there is a sticker with specifications.
Battens – 4 pieces fastened, wrapped and put on palette. Between each 5 packages filets have to be put so that battens do not incurve. The whole pallet is wrapped into thermo-shrinking foil. For each grade and length there are different paper with number of pieces, dimensions and total number of m2. There are 3 straps per pallet. Dimensions of the pallet are 2 x 1 x 1. Truckload contains cca 1,450.00 m2.











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