Elastilon with its strong contact adhesion and continuous tension, creates an
under floor heating laying system, so that floorboards fitted on under floor heating
can contract and expand with virtually seamless joints.

  • Elastilon is a perfect solution to the contraction and expansion issues
  • Seals the underside of the boards hermetically (no cupping)
  • Emission free (no pollution of the in-house climate)
  • Quick and Efficient installation time
  • Elastilon method is 50 to 70% faster then conventional methods
  • No secret nailing in your wooden floor (which is visible after renovating)
  • Extremely quiet and comfortable to walk on, (whisper quiet)
  • Permitted in apartments ( effectively reduces high contact noise)
  • Continuous tension across boards helps keep joints closed

The Glue-down installation method can be used on 21mm solid wood flooring as well as engineered products. The wood floor is attached to a concrete or wooden subfloor using glue adhesive that has been applied using a notched trowel. This method of installation can be used below ground level as well as any other level in the home or space of installation.

Note: Not using the manufacturers recommended adhesive and trowel size when installing your floor may void any warranties you may have with the manufacturer

Xylon recommends the Elastilon method of installation, because of its reliability, ease of use and ability to complete the installation more rapidly then any other form of wood flooring installation.

Nail-down Solid wood and engineered flooring may be installed using a nail-down installation method. The flooring is attached to a tongue and groove plywood or wooden subfloor (A subfloor is a rough floor over which a finished floor or flooring material is laid) using nails or staples.

This method of installation is typically not used below grade (Grade is the level at which the ground surface meets the foundation of a building), because the subfloor is usually concrete. Please note that regardless of installation method, 21mm solid wood flooring should not be installed below grade.

The boards are attached to the subfloor using either a manual or pneumatic nailer. The edge of the nailer is placed against the tongue of the board and the plunger is hit with the mallet. That fits the two boards together and drives a two-inch nail cleat through the tongue and into the subfloor.

Xylon recommends the Elastilon method of installation whenever possible.











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